Social media is divided into two parts: content and distribution. We create world-class content, learn from what content works and what doesn’t, and deploy it on the platforms that are best for your dealership. Our strategy is dialed in so the amazing content we produce gets seen by the most people possible.

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    Your online reputation has a significant impact on search results and whether or not customers will do business with you. We help dealerships improve or repair their online reputation and control the narrative with a pro-active strategy. We respond to every review exactly how we’d like a dealership to respond to us. No cookie-cutter bullshit here. We amplify positive experiences and give you second chances with customers that had negative experiences. It takes a lot of time to do it right and thankfully for you, we’re night owls and morning, um, people?

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    Facebook offers the most dynamic advertising platform on the planet, period. Build brand awareness, drive traffic or even sell shit, to the specific audience your brand wants to target. It’s crazy, even creepy, the laser focus targeting you can do on social media. This personalization is a blessing to advertisers, and a blessing to you to have such an experienced team to manage it all.


    Your current website needs tender love and care every month. We create beautiful artwork that is timely and relevant to your visitors. We build homepage banners, sales specials, service specials and more. We make your website yours by customizing it with unique graphics not found on every other dealership’s website.


    You’ve chosen a website vendor but they have hundreds, if not thousands of clients and don’t care about your store as much as we do. That’s where we come in and take care of their basic website. We draft new vehicle content, service content, create custom images, add/remove vendors, and do weekly checks to make sure the entire site is performing the way it’s supposed to. We’re the team you thought you paid for when you had your site built. We got your back.


    There’s no domination like global domination. We’ll make this simple: we help your dealership get found online. It might be optimizing your website, creating sharable content, or putting your brand everywhere your customers are spending their time online.


    Dealerships have too many vendors doing too many different things. There are overlaps in services and inefficiencies in process and communication. We’ll step in and improve communication and consistency while consolidating vendors to save you money. We also know what everyone out there is paying so you’ll save a few bucks for Taco Tuesday just by hiring us.


    We will help dealerships manage your entire advertising budget, whether we’re doing those services for you or not. We’re unbias with no reseller relationships. We’ll help you get the most out of your budget, adjust allocation and consistently optimize it to get the most out of your spend. We’ll keep your budget lean, just like we hope to be after we lose these 15 pounds.



    In this section, we won’t brag and tell you about the designs we did for the Batman Dark Knight series, or the 300 movie posters or the campaign for Arrested Development. We’ll just simply say, whatever you need for graphic design, digital or print, trust us, we got this. We know we have the best graphics in the automotive industry, and if you don’t trust us, click below.

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    Customers are checking their email and it’s often the first thing they do to start their day, and the last thing they do before they hit the hay. That rhymes. Let’s set some goals, build beautiful creative, identify the right campaigns to deploy to the right audience, and measure the results. The way dealership email should be done.


    From concept to script development, storyboarding, casting & scouting, shooting, special effects to post editing, we provide a comprehensive video production service. We believe in doing Tier 1 level quality work for Tier 2 and 3. Whether it’s a 30 second commercial or a 3-minute short for online and social media consumption, our team has the creativity, skills, and experiences to service all video needs for our dealerships.

    Not only do we have professional production experience, we offer video launch packages that assist with maximizing the exposure of the videos. We’ll give you everything you need to promote them on your website, email marketing, in-house email templates, social media, YouTube pre-roll and much more. View our work by clicking below:

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    Although we focus heavily on the digital space and don’t advocate cutting down trees, we do create beautiful artwork for offline use. We create direct mail pieces, posters, postcards, flyers, newspaper graphics and more. We’ll even help you print it all and make sure we’re using as few trees as possible.


    We have some pretty talented photographers on staff. We take photos of specific locations, vehicles, events, and product imagery. Whether it’s a full-scale photo shoot or a run-and-gun shoot, we handle it all in-house.


    We have the ability to create custom, responsive email templates for your store to use for all email communication. These responsive templates look great on all phones, computers, and tablets. Not only do they give your dealership an upper hand by responding in a more creative way than your competitors, the templates will give your customers and prospects the ability to navigate your website, schedule an appointment, call the dealership or even view directions to your store, right inside the email.



    Our Customer Value Indicator (CVI) is a tool invented by Hype to help identify who your most valuable customers are. Within seconds, CVI provides your customers’ historic data and experiences early on in the sales process, which presents your team with a unique sales advantage that ultimately leads to you earning life long clients and more business!


    Hype Auto’s development is not only well versed in the back-end enterprise systems and database, but we also have many years of online and mobile automotive experience to provide effective and efficient user experience design. This combination provides the pragmatic solutions that allow seamless front-end customer experience and back-end data integration.

    When you have an idea, the Hype Auto team can develop it. Have an idea to improve the sales process through technology? We can help. Areas of focus include:

      • Complete Website Builds
      • CRM Integration
      • Databases
      • In-House Tools
      • Landing Pages
      • Lead Submission Forms
      • Microsites
      • Mobile Technology
      • Widgets and Custom Pages for any Website

    We analyze your data to identify who your customers are, why they’re your customers, and how to generate more of them.


    Mobile devices now account for over 50% of website traffic, often more. We build mobile-first responsive websites and microsites to ensure the user can navigate the site from any device.


    We know the old adage, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” We’ve developed a responsive sourcing tool to help identify which forms of advertising are working well and which ones are underperforming. Multiple advertising mediums bring customers in, and now you can find out exactly which ones perform best. All results are tracked on our dashboard that gives you instant analysis of your advertising budget.


    We’re building some amazing new technology for customer lifecycle marketing. SHHHH, this is under wraps for a few more months! Stay tuned!